Protecting the Children

Although the marriage or partnership is ending, family ties and relationships need not be severed. Our approach is future-focused, especially when children are involved. The Collaborative Process helps families maintain peace in the family while dissolving their marriage and enables them to find closure with a greater sense of peace and acceptance.

You actually have control over what may be the single most important factor in determining how your children adjust to your separation or divorce – namely the manner in which you and your spouse interact with each other during this difficult time and into the future.

It is natural that some hostility may exist between you and your spouse, and a degree of conflict may persist following your divorce as your family adjusts to its new structure. But when you and your spouse are embroiled in a contested court battle, or make bitter comments about each other in front of your children, everyone in the family suffers – especially the children who may bear the emotional scars forever. The more intense the conflict, and the longer it continues, the greater the potential for long-term damage.

Although you will no longer be husband and wife, you will always be mom and dad. Working toward an effective co-parenting relationship is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children.

At The Center, we help you restructure your relationship in an environment that does not pit you against each other, but instead helps you create new, more effective ways to communicate and work together for the benefit of your children.